FRH is Promoting the new film ‘The Horse Boy!’

December 1, 2009

Something exciting is happening!  Has anyone read the book “Horse Boy” by Rupert Isaacson?  It’s a beautiful story about a family who literally went to Mongolia to help their young son, Rowan, explore his ability to heal with the help of native shamans and horses.  Theirs is a tale of adventure, unconditional love, trust and faith.

I believe that most of our families live in a similar way.  Front Range Hippotherapy has been an exciting place to watch children with special needs in their process…whether they need physiological change, behavior modification or socio-cognitive development, we get to see it happen!  That is what keeps us fresh, excited and inspired to do much much more.  We want to provide our clients and their families with the best that we have to offer.  Not only therapeutic skill…but with what is inside of us that compelled us to blend horse/human partnership–heart, soul and insight.

Because of this drive, and in large part because of this one little boy, children diagnosed with autism and along the autism spectrum have newfound interest in animal-based therapy.  Now we get to the good part.  We at FRH already know about the magic of animal based therapy.  Specifically, as seen in the success story of Rowan Isaacson and with countless clients at FRH, the magic of horse based therapy.  Hippotherapy!!!

Last week, Zeitgeist films called us after finding us on Google.  They have produced a film based on the book “The Horse Boy”.  The film is directed by Michel Orion Scott and features the Isaacson family and their amazing journey.  It takes the audience through the pain of diagnosis, the failed “conventional” type treatments, and treats us to the first meeting with “Betsy”…a dominant mare in a neighboring field close to the family’s home.  This magical meeting leads this family to Mongolia…and for more, you’ll have to see the movie.  Zeitgeist has agreed to allow FRH an EXCLUSIVE showing of their film.  We are putting together the pieces to get a theater, the film, the donated hours, and all of the loose ends tied.  When we have a date, we’ll be sure to let you know!!  It looks like the end of January or beginning of February!  Stay tuned and we’ll work hard to make it happen.  Hippotherapy changes lives.

You can view the trailer at