Hippotherapy Creates Results

  1. Hippotherapy<br /> Testimonial“Kellie is beating her disease’s odds and is still walking and sometimes even running independently! We credit her success in no small part due to her many years working with Amy and Front Range Hippotherapy. Her core strength and balance improved within the first year of therapy, and she has maintained that level of skill ever since. Amy’s ability to make meaningful contact with her patients is second to none. She extracts the very most out of children with disabilities and at the same time makes the whole process fun and comfortable. We consider ourselves very lucky to have Amy working with our daughter and recommend her without reservation.”  – Gerry and Sallie Taylor
  2. Hippotherapy<br /> Testimonial“WOW…where do I start? My daughter and I came to meet Amy, Jen and the horses through a recommendation from my daughter’s occupational therapist. When she explained what hippotherapy was and that I’d be putting my daughter on a giant horse, I laughed at the thought of it. Upon meeting Amy, Jen and Bo for her evaluation I immediately felt comfortable putting my daughter in their healing hands and on Bo’s strong back. What a magical weekly event during my life in Colorado, watching my two year old learn so much about herself while riding, kneeling and standing on the back of a beautiful horse.”  – Megan Oliviero
  3. Hippotherapy<br /> Testimonial“I met Amy in the fall of 2006 when I was desperately searching for a place for my horse. He was of Appendix breeding and a tall, elegant bay that carried himself like a champion. And that he was. He was 19 years old and even though he was well cared for it seemed he was always watching the house to see when someone would come and ride or just talk to him. I knew he was exceptional but my husband and I were retiring and moving. I would not sell him not knowing what would happen to him at his age. So I searched for a place that might be able to use him in some kind of therapy program. Amy came to ride him and the verdict was that he would be perfect. Perfect for her growing hippotherapy practice. Perfect for her and her students. He really was able to live up to his name. Teddybear is now well loved and hugged like every other teddy bear that has ever been. He has been helping children and adults in his natural willing way every day. I am so proud of him.”  – Pam Wolf
  4. Hippotherapy<br /> Testimonial“I was so impressed from the get go by Amy and Jenn. They are naturals with kiddos and jump right in. On the first day I could hardly recognize my son on his horse Robin. Normally tight, rigid, and off balance – Levi sits on the horse and looks fluid, stretched, confident, and smiling. We are excited to have this therapy as a compliment to traditional physical therapy and will continue with Front Range Hippotherapy as it has
    done what nothing else has so far. Thanks Amy and Jenn!”  – Janel Ferrin
  5. Hippotherapy<br /> Testimonial“Not to sound paranoid BUT…………….. Amy, Bill, Jenn and Teddy are all ganging up and conspiring to change my body from it’s comfortable irregular way of moving to something more functional, more upright and with a better, further range of movement. And they are so very subtle about doing this also, by having me enjoy myself, laugh a lot, and feel different and confident in my body when I’m through!
    Just imagine the horror I feel when I’m moving comfortably and painlessly within my body. Imagine my conflicted neurology????”  – Karen Yust