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Front Range Hippotherapy is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities, and their caregivers, through the provision of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech & language pathology services while incorporating the horse and its movement as an essential therapeutic tool.

To provide services to clients across a large socio-economic spectrum, FRH relies on donations from people like you!

  1. Scholarship funding- Scholarships provide families and clients with opportunities to benefit from our services who would otherwise not have adequate funding.
  2. Equine Care- FRH incurs substantial veterinary, farrier, and feed bills on a weekly basis. In order to keep our equine partners healthy & happy, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of this type of contribution.
  3. Capital Campaign- Designed to help FRH erect an all weather facility to enable us to provide our services year round regardless of weather.

As a donor, you can choose the way in which you want your gift to be used, or you can decide to make an un-restricted gift and trust that FRH will use it toward our greatest need.

If you prefer to make your donation in person or via the mail, please download our donation form, print and submit your completed form along with your check or credit card information to:

Front Range Hippotherapy
10456 N. Foothills Hwy.
Longmont, CO 80503

Please make checks payable to Front Range Hippotherapy

F.R.H. is a non-profit corporation. Tax ID# 20-5577649