Parelli Day 5

October 22, 2009

Today started in the classroom talking about Puzzle Solving (there are no “problems”…hmmm)

What to do if your horse:
strikes out
doesn’t lick/chew
refuses to step on the plank
won’t trailer load from zone 4/5
needs a consistent phase 4 pressure
doesn’t yield in a porcupine game

Ok….there are a zillion “what if’s”. There are also pretty simple answers. And the bizarre thing is this: Jenn and I can pretty much figure it out based on what we’ve learned in this week.

Today, what was scary and impossible for Missy on Sunday–doing a simple circle game–seemed like a walk in the park. She even did it in the coverall. She wouldn’t even walk past it on Monday morning. Tuesday, she and I did a join up in the part that isn’t covered and she’d basically GALLOP through the covered part. Next day, she walked past it without spooking, and today, she did the 7 games inside WHILE IT WAS RAINING. So….? Lesson #8. It works. The horses gain in confidence as we do. We teach, ask, reward, partner with them and they…THEY ACT LIKE PARTNERS!!!

Ok. So I still get scared when Missy charges at me or pushes into my space or spooks BIG time. But I know what to do to protect my space. So the fear gets smaller and smaller. I think eventually it’ll be insignificant.

Missy still gets scared in new situations, not overly confident with 2-leggeds, wants to be with her herd more than her human….but each day, those fears get smaller and smaller. And she moves through them. Eventually, her confidence in her human will be primary. She’ll be able to go past/through/under/over any obstacle with confidence gained through partnership.

Today, Missy walked right up the ramp and into the trailer from zone 4 (that means I was sending her from the ground, next to the trailer, from back by her rump)! It was a little triumphant moment. Once she got up the confidence to do it, she repeated it 3 or 4 more times without being sent. She just was checking it out.

If anyone wants to know how to do this, Jenn and I will share what we learned. We can’t do it like they can here (duh), but we have a basic knowledge of the way the program works and how well it’s worked for China and Missy. We’re looking foward to playing with the rest of the herd when we get home!! (already trying to “peg” their horsenalities)

The biggest thing we’ve missed? We haven’t ridden all week. It’s actually discouraged in an “on-line” course…(a course designed on groundwork–12 and 22′ lines) We want to ride these girls and the philosophy is this: You shouldn’t ride until your horse is ready. We get that. And we want to ride. So I’m thinking the girls are ready…?? Ummmm….or close to ready???? Ok, maybe we’re just stupid, but WE WANT TO RIDE!

We love it here. Want to come back. Looking for ways to partner up with Parelli as often as we can!!
We’ll add photos soon!