Parelli Day 4

October 22, 2009

My brain is fried…

All I do is look at EVERYTHING from a horse’s perspective. Blinking=thinking. Wait for the lick/chew. Use your phase 1 pressure if it’s all you need. Look for 1% changes…

I know. Makes no real sense, but over here, it is the whole premise.

We spent the morning learning our Personality profiles. No big surprise. I’m a Right brained extrovert.(Just like Missy) Do things quickly…make decisions by feel…creative/spontaneous/in the moment. So…the one thing we learned today is that R brained extrovert humans often have difficulty with R brained extrovert horsenalities. We do things too fast. We don’t wait until the horse is ready. Blah blah. It was a very enlightening class session. Jenn and I spent our spare time trying to categorize our friends and loved ones. Bottom line: I need to go slowly with Missy and make sure she’s confident in every way before advancing her. So…

….I tried to load her in a trailer from zone 3. (between her shoulder and hips). It’s a level 2/3 game…but why wait?! (hahaha) Lesson #7=loading from the ground is NOT as easy as it looks when Pat does it. AND it is the way we all should load. Means your horse is more confident and where do they get that from? BY PRACTICING THE GAMES AT LOWER LEVELS DUMMY!!! Bring it down a notch. (but I REALLY want to do that trailer thing!!!) Ok…back to circle game. yo-yo game. porcupine game. AT LEVEL 1??!!! aaaarrrgggghhh.

It was hard to catch it all today. Tons of information, great teachers, good demos, lots of horseplay. I left Parelli in need of a bath and the bed. That’s the plan. Tomorrow’s another day.

G’night everyone. Send us your best energy for these last few days.