A Referral Is A Gift

January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!  2012 is an open slate for Front Range Hippotherapy.  We’re excited for so many things.  We are planning a huge fundraiser for May 5th to help us with our Capital Campaign to erect our indoor arena.  We are excited to be back to work with our current clients, and know there will be many more to meet, evaluate, and establish connection with.  For that, we often count on referrals—from you our current clients, from local medical professionals and caregivers, from other riding facilities and from friends of the ranch.

Do you know of someone who would benefit from Hippotherapy?  Perhaps it’s a kid on the autism spectrum?  Someone who might seem ‘oversensitive’ or have unusually difficult behaviors that parents and caregivers are struggling with?  A person with difficulty holding attention, following instructions or may seem hyperactive? Someone with speech and language delays?  A kid or adult with physical impairments—weakness from a chronic disease, neurological condition or acute injury?

Front Range Hippotherapy specializes in treating clients with any number of these symptoms.  The nature of the horse’s movement helps to organize the central nervous system of our patients, enabling them to better focus, move with intention, use their language more effectively, attend to tasks with better clarity and strengthens weak muscles from the core to the periphery.

Horses also know how to help inherently.  The herd at Front Range Hippotherapy is acutely aware of their job, the nature of their riders, and what is required of them.  Their gentle nature brings out the best in anyone—from their sweet expressions to the soft warmth of their big backs and the way it feels just to ride.  They have endured both physically and emotionally unbalanced riders without batting an eyelash because they know it is needed and they want to help.

Please, if you know of a potential client, and all it would take is a phone call, make that call for us.  Put us in touch with new clients.  Help us to build our caseload so we can continue to grow and thrive.  We hope you have realized the amazing benefit of working with horses with you or your child.  Help us to help others who have yet to make this connection.  Referrals are one of our greatest gifts.  Thanks for your continued support.  Looking forward to a fantastic 2012.